Ginny grew up in New Hampshire, attended Georgetown University, and lives in Washington, DC. Growing up her mom always insisted she tie her shoes so she wouldn’t ruin her aglets.


Ginny has been a leader in digital and advocacy strategy for nearly 15 years. She has provided strategic guidance to more than 50 state and national organizations while Vice President leading digital strategy for the global PR firm FitzGibbon Media Inc., and as a program officer at the Joyce Foundation. She has led in-house digital teams for the ONE Campaign, Mayor Bloomberg’s gun prevention efforts, and the U.S. Department of Energy. In 2005, Ginny created the first blog written by a death row inmate, an online innovation that generated national and international media and brought questions of innocence to light in the case. The man received a last minute stay of execution.  

Ginny has crafted digital strategies that have generated hundreds of thousands of petition signers; raised hundreds of thousands of dollars online; broken through to national and international media, state legislators, the U.S. Congress, and the White House; and directly contributed to policy and legislative changes at the state and national level.

What is an aglet?

Quite possibly the greatest invention of all time, aglets are those plastic thingies on the end of shoelaces. Without them we would be unable to put laces into shoe holes and tie our shoes. (Urban Dictionary)